1. Reduce the time, workload, and administration associated with finding new staff. We will do the leg work for you by matching the best qualified candidates. Say good-bye to all the time consuming job fairs and lengthy reference checks! We will conduct thorough background checks for any past criminal histories, their legal work status in Ontario, and get feedback from their previous employers. We handle all applicant processing procedures and forward them to you.
  2. We train all of our employees on WHMIS, saving you a ton of time and money from training costs!
  3. As a trusted work agency, we limit your company’s liability by transferring the responsibilities surrounding labor, tax, and insurance coverage to us: By hiring qualified staff the liability of labor laws, WSIB coverage, commercial general liability insurance coverage, and remittances to Canada Revenue Agency (CPP and EI employee and employer source deductions) are transferred to us, eliminating headaches which may arise. Most companies do not have time to deal with the above, so let us!
  4. In addition to point number 3 (above), temporary employees give companies the advantage of testing out an employee before committing to them long term. Every company has its “bad apples,” and your company is no exception. But did you know that getting rid of a poorly performing employee may cost you dearly? Depending on their service length with your company, you may be subject to unpaid vacation and termination fees, as well as providing sufficient notice of employment termination.
  5. Keeps the union OUT: Every company knows that unions cause labor costs to go up, and lowers productivity. No company in this world wants that. By dealing with a staffing agency for your manpower needs, you eliminate the threat of a union forming in your workplace completely simply because they are our employees, not yours. Only employees under your company umbrella are allowed to vote in a union certification process.